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Are you curious about the Step Up Gym experience?

How can I join and shop?

Step up gym is an automated, hybrid gym where we welcome our guests to exercise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access is via a rotating gate with QR code.

The access control system is provided by Sportmate and their app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

You can read more about the system here:


Step up START program

Private small group class

Booty Building


Get a StepUp gym membership now and join a squeaky clean and spacious club!


Classic membership

With our Black card membership, you are free to pass every day, and every hour to our fitness club, including the functional, bodybuilding, and cardio area.

/ 1 month / 14.999 Ft /
/ 12 months / 12.499 Ft – monthly fee /

STEP UP Black Card membership

Train like a professional with our STEP UP Black card membership, you are free to pass every day, and every hour to our fitness club, including the functional, bodybuilding, and cardio area with an online training subscription based on your goal.

/ 12 months / 14.998 Ft – monthly fee /

Cancelation fee – 44.994 Ft

Group Classes

Others call it a class, we call it a Party Leave your worries at the door and join a workout and community that will melt your stress and lift your spirits


+36 70/ 410-3900


+36 20/ 579-0481

+36 20/ 996-0632


+36 20/ 996-0632

Online training subscription

The online subscription workout program is available, stay focused and keep progressing!

Made by our professional fitness trainers, athletes, and weightlifting competitors!
Muscle building, fat loss, strength- get a simple personalized workout program to reach your body goals!

Fat Loss

1 month / 5000 Ft
12 months / 55.000 Ft

Muscle building

1 month / 5000 Ft
12 months / 55.000 Ft


1 month / 5000 Ft
12 months / 55.000 Ft

Try us for 1 Ft

Sign up for your free 3 days!

About US

Welcome to Step UP gym. The Judgement FREE Zone!

Whether you are a first-time gym user, or a veteran member, we are here to provide a workout
environment in which anyone – and everyone – can be comfortable!
Driven by a passion for fitness, we have created the first automatic hybrid 24/7 gym in Budapest.
Get back to 80-s and back to your best. Our sparkling clean environment is waiting for you with more
than 600m2 of premium strength, functional and cardio equipment.


Budafoki út 97-103-3. emelet,
+36 70 743 8696

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I buy a Membership?
You can only buy a membership online, on our, or in the StepUpGym application, afterregistration.
How can I enter the Gym?
You can enter the sluice gate with the entry button on the or in the StepUpGym application after signin. You will find further instructions next to the sluice gate.
When can I use the Gym?
The gym is open 0-24, so you can visit us at any time, but for thesake of your own physical health, we recommend that you trainat least in pairs, preferably in the presence of our qualifiedtrainer.
I am a trainer, can I make classes in the gym?
You can have a guided training session (whether personal orsmall group) after consultation of the Gym owners. Please sendus a request in email or ask the coaches in the Gym.
How can I buy a drink after training?
We have placed water dispensers in the hall and in the changingroom corridor, from which you can drink purified water completelyfree of charge. You can buy proteins and soft drinks from thevending machines in the 2nd floor.
How do I find the Gym?
The Entrance opens from Budafoki str., we tried to surround itwith spectacular signs :). First you need to enter the small gate,you have to go up the stairs to the 3rd floor. On the way, you canrest on the 2nd floor, where we have placed couch and vendingmachines.
Who are PWB-s?
Powerbuilders are a close-knit community who strive to work withheavy weights, and you can typically find them at the benchpress racks. 🙂 Don’t be afraid of them, they are nice and helpful,but please always follow the houserules posted in the Gym.
How does the access control work?
Our entrance gate is a sluice system, a maximum of one guestcan enter or exit through it at a time. Please always make sure touse it correctly so that you don’t get stuck inside or outside thegym. If this should still happen, call the phone numbers postedfor this purpose.